It is definitely October here with fall like temperatures and a creepy chill in the air.  I admit I love horror movies, but they scare me to death.  I tend to be jumpy in nature and with the days shorter this = night running.  Add in October and I am CONVINCED an ax murderer is coming after the people running through the woods.

I stepped on a branch and it “bit” my legs… I kept looking back for a copperhead, mainly because I know this trail is notorious for them.  I then kept hitting spider webs on my second loop making me think I had gone wandering of the trail.  Unlikely, I do know the trails pretty well, but then again I did get lost on marked trails in daylight over the summer so it’s not out of the question for me! I could not figure out why these giant spiders were coming after.

Then I get down by the creek and I see glowing bluish greenish eyes staring back at me.  The rational side of me KNEW it was a deer.  The irrational side of me was convinced it was a cougar stalking me as it’s next victim.  I sped up and just kept sprinting along praying the wild cat didn’t get me.  I kept hearing crunching in the woods from the crazy, schizophrenic squirrels and the raccoons.  I would see headlights and magnify them into crazy ax murderers.

 My running partners think I am crazy, but this was my first true night run of the year.  It will take some time to get back into the groove and when I do I love night running!  But until then I will have these horror movie fantasies… I always tend to make them worse in October too.  I am fine once the horror movie month is over!



Really when all you can see is this far in front of you can you blame me for being jumpy?  Time to learn to pick up the feet and man up!