I ran the Hawk 50 mile race a little over a month ago after being on a client’s horse for 3 hours the day before.  I know that horseback riding is something I miss greatly, but I also know it wrecks my back and hip.  I am not sure if this from a prior riding accident or a structural issue.  I proceeded to run a 20 minute PR at Hawk, but came out with a nagging hip flexor injury.  To the best of my knowledge it is a hip impingement.


Now, after numerous acupuncture, ART and chiropractic visits, I am finally seeing a light at the end of the injury tunnel and feeling like my 13 month funk from a stress fracture is finally lifted! I am loving running again and I feel great.  The hip is still a little grinding, but for the most part it is out of the knee.

I had a fabulous 18 mile run last Thursday with a nice and fast last mile… could be because I forgot a light and it was getting dark on me.  I got into my car just as the last shred of light vanished from the evening sky. 

Saturday was a bad run.  I woke up tired and with dead legs.  Sadly, it carried over into my run.  Probably not helping was the major thunderstorm making all the rock too slick to really get a rhythm on.  I finished up a miserable 13 miles and called it a day.  My hip was sore from, I believe, not being able to work on my midfoot strike (I tend to heel strike) due to the conditions.  I was never so happy to just lay around the house and not move for an afternoon.


Sunday, I woke up cranky and ready to scream at the first person who looked at me.  Chocolate wasn’t helping and finally, despite some lingering soreness, I just went out to run.  Beautiful and slow easy 10 mile run and I felt human again ready to take on the world!  I love fall running and I am feeling tapered without a race! 


Here is why my running funk has lifted I’m convinced of it anyway! Run happy and run long!