Hi internet world!

This blog is not intended to give you amazingly sound training advice or recipes.  It is merely a way for me to share my thoughts on the world  (And probably show you what NOT to do when training for ultras!).  I am injury prone and have become an expert taper/injury diagnoser.  Die hard runner borderline addict 😉  I am also in love with Ashtanga yoga which has brought me back to my higher power through asanas (poses), meditation and chanting.


I am a gluten free vegan which makes me an epic pain to take out to dinner, but I am here to tell you it can be done.  KC has some great places FUD being one of them.  Those jackfruit nachos are AMAZING!  I cook my own crackers, drink smoothies, love chocolate covered kale chips etc.  I love food and love to spread nutrition information around because often people say they don’t feel good, but they don’t know WHY.  I am not preachy, but you ask and I will give you my best answer.


I have ran two 50 milers this year between injuries next year would love to go for the big one a 100!  I train by not training meaning I just run a lot and hope it all works out 😉  No, really I am an over thinker and planner, my drop bags could feed an army.   I just don’t like training plans, life is structured and running should not be.   I love hills so try to pick courses with a lot of them.  I am not naturally talented at anything, but I work really hard.  Ultras are tough mind over matter.  If you believe you can you will!  And if you can’t believe you can have great friends that do for you!


The blog name came from a great friend who said that she thought I should make a big sign for Leadville that said meet me at the finish line… Meaning I need an ultra runner to date.  I loved the joke so made it my blog name… Now just to get the courage to bring it to a race 😉


Love and long runs… This is just the about me, I will try to post daily on my lunch break from answering the phones at the law office.  Expect some food, some yoga, some running, some music selections (my other great love is all things music even if I am tone deaf and rhythmless!)  and a lot of blonde moments!



My favorite trail and probably one of my favorite spots on it!